We are a group of 12 people interested in and committed to improving  walking opportunities within The Vale of Snaith.

We are committed to the values of WALKERS ARE WELCOME

Check out the WALKERS ARE WELCOME website HERE


      OUR AIMS

  • To pro-actively work with our partners to enhance established walks.
  • To pro-actively work with our partners to create new interesting themed walks.
  • To pro-actively work with our partners to publicise the walks to a wide audience.
  • Encourage more walkers, walking more.
  • Make walking more attractive to a wider range of residents.
  • Encourage more visitors to make The Vale of Snaith a walkers' destination.
  • Encourage walking lin ked to public transport to reduce the use of cars.


  • Local Councils
  • Rights of Way Officers.
  • Land Owners.
  • Local Shops and Businesses.
  • Local Walking Groups
  • Ramblers Path Watch.
  • Other Walkers Are Welcome Towns

          OUR TEAM

Chair          Keith Greenwood

Treasurer     Graham Hulme

Secretary           Gill Smethurst   

                  John Barrett

Janet Cooper

Roy Dresser

Mike Harrison

Barry James

Carol Johnson

Eric Outhwaite

Ian Stringer

Pauline Tate


             OUR PROGRESS

12th October 2015            Snaith & Cowick Town Council agrees to devolve the control of Walkers are Welcome Snaith to

                                       The Vale of Snaith Action Group.

16th November 2015         Snaith & Cowick Town Council agrees to give The Group a grant of £600  towards establishing

                                       signs and leaflets to publicise walking opportunities in the area.

1st February 2016            This website launched.   

April 2016                        New sign for Snaith Town Lock ups 

May 2016                        Two new bridges on Rawcliffe Heritage Walks

July 2016                         Grant Funding from Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust £1,000) and Goole Windfarm (£3,600)

September 2016               Two Information signs for walkers    (Station Car Park and Council Office window)

October 2016                    New leaflet  "Enjoy walking in  The Vale of Snaith"

December 2016                The majority of the planned new posts/waymarkers have now been installed on HERITAGE WALKS

January 2017                   Final posts and waymarkers installed, 25 Trans Pennine Trail waymarkers installed.

March 2017                      New Leaflet     Heritage Walks Paper leaflet  for distribution outside The Vale of Snaith

                                         to encourage people to come here.

March 2017                      A paper version of Heritage Walk 1 (The Snaith Heritage Trail) for distribution in Snaith.

April 2017                         Charity walk to celebrate the walking group's 10th birthday.

May 2017                          Relaunch of Heritage Walks with reprint of the laminated walk packs now available ib four outlets in  Snaith,

                                          by post from us or downloadable on our website.

July 2017                          Targetted the residents of Snaith & Cowick    Every house received a Heritage Trail leaflet and a letter 

                                        encouraging them to walk the trail and carru on to explore the other walks.

September 2017               Three of the 15 Heritage Boards renovated

October 2017                    QR Codes installed on all 15 Heritage Boards

November 2017               New bench installed by Riverside in Snaith ( It is located on 4 Heritage Walks)