Public Transport



  • TRAINS      There is a limited train service serving three stations within
  •                                 The Vale of Snaith ( Hensall, Snaith &  Rawcliffe)        Click DETAILS



  • BUSES     There is an hourly bus service between Goole and Selby  (no 400/401)   TIMETABLE                                                 This service passes through The Vale of Snaith, calling at  Airmyn (edge of village), Rawcliffe, Cowick,                                      Snaith, Carlton, Camblesforth and  Barlow (edge of village).

      From Selby there are connections to York, Leeds, Pontefract,Wakefield,Doncaster.

            From Goole there are connections to Hull


                           There is an hourly bus service between Selby and Donaster ( no 405) TIMETABLE which passes through 

   The Vale of Snaith calling at Burn, Haddlesey, Eggborough and Whitley.

There is a limited bus service between Goole and Rawcliffe Bridge ( no88)  TIMETABLE which passes through

                           The Vale of  Snaith.

                           caling at Airmyn (edge of village)  and Rawcliffe.


                        There is an EXPRESS service between Leeds and Hull that stops at Eggborough (A645- Tranmore Lane)  

                        SERVICE X62   TIMETABLE     


                        There is a MONDAY & FRIDAY  circular service  from Selby to Hensall ( 486) calling at Temple Hirst, 

                        Chapel Haddlesey,  Great Heck, Pollington, Gowdall, .



                         There is a WEDNESDAY service between Goole and Hensall (488) calling at Rawcliffe, Snaith, Gowdall, 

                         Pollington, Great Heck.